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Little c

We always called you Little C. I can't remember when it started, but dad loved making up little names for us both and since you were the youngest, almost all of yours started with Little and somehow it just stuck. I'm sure you hated it when you were at school but you never showed it, you were far too laid back and easy going to make a big deal out of anything. 
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When we were young


I'm pretty sure we hated wearing the same clothes but I remembering not minding so much the day this photo was taken. We were on holiday in Florida and it felt like the longest, funnest day ever. 
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Something for the weekend

I loved this song and I remember distinctly coming home to find you jumping up and down on my bed singing made up words to it. It makes me think of you every time I hear it.

Super Furry Animals - Something 4 the Weekend - YouTube
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