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Sharing a birthday meant we were more than just sisters, we used to say that we were twins somehow separated but really we were connected and would always know what was happening with the other. Somehow that happened a lot, knowing what we going on with each other before we were told. Like finding out you were sick. I knew something was wrong, for a while, I couldn't figure out why but I knew something wasn't right and when you told me that night with dad and Adam, there it was. I still can't quite believe it though, you were always such an influence in everything I did, my lovely older sister, watching out for me when I was trying way to hard to be cool at school, helping me out when I got on the wrong side of dad and sitting with me while I wept over losing mum. Even though you were heartbroken too. I'm sorry I was too young to realise how difficult that must have been for you but I want you to know I will never forget it, or you. And I know that you are still keeping an eye on Adam and I and dad somehow. 

With love, your almost twin xx 
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And Adam


This photo of you and Adam is so you. I love it. x
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