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When we were kids

The best

Hands down the coolest grandad. Definitely to us you were. When you threw us on the bed to make us scream with laugher, and did it so many times that the bed broke and we were all in trouble with granny. You just grinned after she came in shouting at us and snuck us some Rollo's before going out to apologise. When you got caught 'speeding' on your incredibly old bike cycling like a snail up the steepest hill - the police men were just so bored they though it would be a gag to pull you over, you weren't so pleased until later when you saw the funny side of it! When you thought we were all such genius, brilliant kids, even when were being nightmares. When you sat and listened to our endless complaints and tales, and just hugged us closer then took us into the kitchen to butter us some hot toast which normally sorted things out. 

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