Emily Chang


10 candles lit
02/06/16 - 17/09/16

Summer baby

Emily was a summer baby, content and sweet. She brought such joy to the family in particular to her older siblings. Losing such a precious little soul at only three months has changed the course of all of our lives immeasurably. We are heart broken to be without little Emily but will always celebrate her short and beautiful time with us. 
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Heaven's Child


She's in the sun,
the wind, the rain. 
She's in the air
you breathe with
every breath you take.
She sings a song
of hope and cheer, 
there's no more pain, 
no more fear. 
You'll see her in
the clouds above, 
hear her whisper
words of love, 
you'll be together
before long, until then
listen for her song. 

- Christy A. Martine
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